this is my creative works portfolio and character bio hub for all of my Ocs and fursonas, you can also find examples of my writing, music and stuff here too. i'm going to be honest im not very sociable. i try my hardest to connect with others, but right now is a really rough time.

crona is the datemate of Yggdrasil-Incar @ furaffinity, and is his partner in crime in the art and fursuit business.

this website is very much a work of progress, due to the fact im editing/working on it on my laptop which has a busted screen, im currently trying to move out of where i am currently living, so its going to be hard to replace the screen. i am also kinda sick.

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images, photography, code, video, and textual media are property of autonomousheart/aut0heart/rudletoodle unless stated otherwise. all artwork is credited to their respecitve artists if pieces were not created by me.

note; characters/fursonas on this website may be inspired or resemble other authors and medias characters/creations. in cases which this is so, i do not make any profit for drawing, posting, publishing online or showcasing them. this is transformative and falls under fair use. since i am making no profit from these characters there should be absolutely no issue. in my FAQ i go over why i create these characters and crashcourse why selling original fanart is legal (ie; charms, prints, commissions for canon characters.) while that subject is unrelated.

email me; makenshi.arts@gmail.com / 42flock@gmail.com